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Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to the following

Conference Sessions

Civil Engineering for Future Cities

Civil Engineering and Architecture is a important aspect while discussing about future development on cities . Peoples across the future cites need to have work place and accommodation , gathering place which interlinks with future technology of construction , economic construction and excellent environment .

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Renewable energy for Future Cities

Cities has been growing and leading to transforming habit to humans and all living things. Plan for implement strategy for capable of managing variable energy sources . Future cities need to promote sustainable development by using renewable energy to powered technology .

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Global warming for Future Cities

Global warming will be biggest challenge on developing future cities. Globe has been facing issues with changes on climates . Peoples and government understand about creating new policy and plan to prevent global warming . Future cities are meant to adopt the technology which will not causes the global warming .

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Information Technology Session

Technologies are playing major role in developing future cities . Technologies need to improve quality of life. To succeed in future cities , we need right technology which will work on integrated environment.

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Management Studies & Business Education Session

Business on future cites will give more opportunities for new innovation. The rising of new technology, result of digital transformation , need to focus on designing and deploying novel business models that are dynamic as well as adaptable to a highly globalized economic environment.

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Smart/Intelligent system

A "perfect storm" of smart technology trends, that allow us to create spaces in which humans and technology interact in a more connected, intelligent, and automated way. .Technological innovation is a must. It will be through innovation that the future landscape and face of cities will be shaped . So let's dive into some of the innovative tech, ideas.

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Socialization on Future cities

The municipal cultural and social realm has to develop the way of acquiring the necessary life skills gradually among the peoples. To maintain the balance of human life with improved technology we need to study of socialization .

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